Bari Quippe Boni.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Jell-o pie.

Sitting at work in front of a computer. Surrounded (not inmmediately) by literally hundreds. Thanks a lot airport.

The new airport is coming along nicely. I think it's funny that even when the buidling is finished being builded it will be long from done... imagine the complete mind destrustion of trying to figure out how to install the electrical wires, let alone the plumbing, let alone the phone lines, the internet connections, the networking for the individual airlines... and being as its an airport there must be safety measures as well! All the inner comings and goings must be connected to the police, fire department and army! Golly. The secret airport is far more interessting than the stuff you get to see. Machinery! Locked doors! Holding cells! The smuggler-catching toilet in customs! Dan, the guy with one arm and one hundred million stories! (Never asked about the arm though)

We're hooked up and online all damn day. You, me, business, art, music, and even your grandma's juicing up some tight ass backgammon with a greasy teen in Australia. At times I consider this fact as I'm sure we all have. It's a real mind bender... I'm not claiming this as original thought by any means. I'm merely taking note and telling those who read that: I've noticed. I don't even need to get into the all too common/conversational rant about how "If the internet, like, died of whatever. We'ed all be sooo screwed. Oh my god. It's so insane!" I wish it didn't exist. I wish that we didn't have the power to scour and devour all things more here and now'r. Granted I wouldn't be able to communicate with my homiest accross the sea. but poop. Imagine how good the stories would be when he does return brown and tired?

Having decreed we are a might too connected, observe:
My cell phone has been recalled due to the fact that it emmits unacceptible amounts of radiation. Does this suck? Should I be mad? I can't really decide. And just what is an acceptible amount of radiation?!@ My point is that I made the choice to put this thing to the side of my face and in my left pocket, as are millions. I heard rumours about brain tumours and whatnot, but I was not officially aware of the radiation until this very moment I suppose.

I just got bored of writing... It's not really going anywhere anyway.


ps. I have no idea what I'm doing with my life and I blow it all day everyday. So... that's nice.

pps. I just decided to force myself to write and waste some time.

ppps. Just changed my mind. Not worth it.

pppps. insert stark, bright colored, art involving collage so the indie scene is properly represented.