Bari Quippe Boni.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

double trouble take

Last evening I saw one of those funny things that only kids do.

On a side street... Mind you still a major side street (you know what I'm talking about. one of those fat streets that isn't quite a thick thoroughfare but get lights when it meets one) In front of a school, there was a girl standing waving her hands and dancing slowly from side to side.

As I was passing by, I thought this was a bit strange, but no crazy. Kids dance all the time. One may even be jealous of such a quality. I can't tell you the amount of stink eyes I've felt on a dance floor. Anyway, she was waving her arms, universal sign for look over here. As I did, I first took her in fully. Then I saw she had a friend sitting behind her.

"Is she ok?! Is that girl waving for help?"

After one half second I realized the girl was ok... Also, she wasn't sitting, she was squatting. What a place to pee! Not only did they not have the foresight to simply walk 'round back... Her friend decided to do an extremely noticable dance?! Too much. Too much.

I'm not bashing public peeing. I'm all for it. But that's as public as you can get. har har.
To be young again.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Asteroids to do not concern me

"You got it Luke! Use you're powers!"

"Man, Imperial Walkers eh? They just won't quit!"

"Big time trouble."

"Buddy eats!"

A Paraphrasing of conversation with rang a dang and I at 13:26 on Tuesday afternoon.

This weekend was a hodge podge of friendlies, cringe-worthy moments and more boozes than I've sipped in some time. It's a very deceptive way to make one think that you're actually doing something day to day. But than again, who say's you're not? Making connections and gathering tales to tell... It's something innit?

Not to mention a handful of photos with bad lighting and composition. Har har, can't wait to see how my latest impulse purchase is working. Perhaps you will too.

The internet is a sea and each tool is a damn siren singing. I'm well aware it's just going to give me syphilis, but shoot. I may have a bit of sea-men left in me yet.

wakka wakka.

Welcome cracking ankles and sweaty everything. Don't listen to everyone else. Summer's here.