Bari Quippe Boni.

Monday, September 22, 2008

new colour...?

White is the new blank.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Wood things I've made.

Here I am watching Dragon's den (way to be CBC) and I'm getting all emotional about making things. Due to the fact that it's 2:30am and I've already done a project tonight I'm not about to start making something. Not to mention the fact that I have a breakfast date tomorrow...

But I can flex my exhibitionism by showing a few pictures.

This is a desk I made for myself from scrap wood in the back. As well as a peice of plexiglass so I can put photos and the like underneath. I always loved my family coffee table for that feature.

A little while ago I put together a few things for an art show. In essence the theme was 'old'. I decided to make chalkboards. Here are a few shots of my brother and I working on them. (I never take enough pictures...)

Two scissor designs. One cutting tool that makes a sound that is insane.

Donald my youngest brother giving me a hand sanding the edges of my apple before I paint. See the pencil sharpener...? Once it was painted it's a bit hard to make out. I sold the apple and scissors, but the pencil sharpener stays with me. (I've got more on the way)



Another feeling I'm hit with tonight is a fondness for my roomies. I've been contemplating the imminent departure of my oldest and dearest roommate, James. He's Got the fever and is making moves in the right direction... Well east anyway.

I moved into this house and made it my home in November of last year. I was hesitant but mostly excited to get out of my father's house (for the second time). I took my things back into pa's house after I was made to leave the apartment I was occupying... With my now 'ex' girlfriend. But I digress. In coming here, I gained more space than I had at dad's house. It's not like he was a tyrant or that it was a box in an alley, it was more a matter of having to deal with his possessions. I wish I had photographic evidence to show what I had to deal with. It's a tale in itself which I'd gladly tell. I literally (literally) had only a wide enough path through the basement to get to my room. Now I can annoy my roomies by leaving my things everywhere! I have my pop to thank for that habit I suspect.

To put it in the simplest terms, my time at the mansion has been good. I've been considering the disposable nature of our lives. We don't buy albums, we download and google the cover art. We don't invite our friends over to look at slides, we sit and cycle through semi-strangers' photos alone. And what happens when my computer implodes and creates a black hole devouring the earth? No more pics! golly!

I have an idea. A big idea. An idea that requires me to use the word more than once in very small scentences and then one large one. Time capsule. No lie. I'm pumped for this idea. and enthusiastic, but not enough to stay awake past 4am... Breakfast in five and a half hours...