Bari Quippe Boni.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

This is how you ditch someone who drives you mad.

I haven't taken any pictures yet.

Yesterday evening I dug into my toiletry bag only find missing the #1 item on every packing list. Toothbrush. I'm guessing in my sleep-hungry state I brushed them and tossed it back onto my shelf, forced by habit. So last night when I went for an exploratory cycle I stopped in to the metro (grocery store) to purchase one and hopefully get directions. I forgot to mention... I got lost fairly quickly. I was pretty confident I'd be able to find my way home, mentally recording the lefts and rights... To no avail.

The plan was flawless, pick out toothbrush with an appealing colour and simply ask the checkout clerk while paying. Once I posted up in my line I noticed the clerk was one-teen years old. Immediately stricken with the prospect of her not knowing where it is, holding up the line and everyone within earshot noticing my obvious anglo accent.

"Sais tu ou la rue certier est? Je suis perdue."
"Non, je m'excuse. Tu est un cochon-anglo."
"Mama mia!"

So I Payed the 2.87 and scrammed.

Saw a book store and figured maps are paper, books are paper. Case closed! Locked up and took a look, found no maps, but a tonne of adult literature. I gave in and asked the 20 something attendant for directions. no idea. rats. While i walked out, putting my mitts back on I saw a dirty looking depanneur. Where else?! If they don't have a map the person working will know the area for sure. They work at a depanneur! They're like mini versions of Mr. Thenardier right? Always humming a shanty having to do with being une bonne viveur and sweeping, constantly sweeping. Well I was close, but she had the directions in a heart beat. As a proactive thanks I purchased an energy drink.

Today I had another good ride. Went south on sherbrook and found the hostel Kjartan and I stayed in the first time I came. oogled the endless shops like a country mouse and having forgotten the address to the Y, turned back and let the cats in for some grub.

Léon and Noël. Léon is the gentleman and Noël is the lady. Seems I've already made friends with them. Records show I am a good pet person. I pet and I pet well. 8 out of 10 cats agree. Thank goodness they didn't pee on all of my clothing upon arrival. I knew it was a possibility.

Nothing interesting to report. Got the Surger threaded. Didn't have to fly home yesterday to work. Currently watching 30 rock on the internet.
dot com!