Bari Quippe Boni.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Dear Diary.

You know what's kind of satisfying? Writing down a passage of feelings/thoughts... with a pen. Keeping it in a book or simply on a piece of paper. There's something exciting about having it just around for someone to potentially find it. Thus knowing your thoughts!!! reading your mind!

Also, It's an incredible way to take note of how you've grown or changed at least. I've recently come accross some old papers of mine, as well as papers given to me from some years ago. It's so cool to see how stupid I was. And also to discover how stupid I am now to future Will! I'm insane! I hold things in such high regard when they are meaningless in the grand scheme, I care for such strange people! My daily routine is laughable! Those pants look ridiculous!

So now, I've had the idea of a time capsul for a while. I want my roomates to take part and I also want to start one with nearly random people... Simply to open it one day with them and see where they are and what we haven't accomplished. I kid, I kid. But seriously, I still have ideas that my life will be photogenic and with purpose. When in reality I'll more then likely:

+Find contentment in a great love.
+Realize that since I have the happiness one looks for in life, I don't need to persue 'it'.
+Have children for the sheer delight in day dreaming about tossing the ol' ball around and building a tree house.
+Shake my first 3.5 children to death (accidentally, don't judge).
+Start wearing golf shirts I won at company picnics.
+Find a permanent 'look' (hair sans product -or- far too much gel, facial hair, glasses, weight)
+Miss my hard livin' days.
+Lose my french.
+Get up early every day even on weekends.
+Have a nest egg.
+List things I did when I was young.
+Make a will.
+Hate mondays.

Oh golly.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

William Thom David Belford

First off: Cryptic message to true friends.

I might sell underwear in local shop awesome... I was in there with Liza and she told the owner I make 'em. So he told me to give him some. I've decided to work like a devil in MTL. Find one of those thrift stores that sell T's for pennies. You know the kind. The sort of place that's so cheap you feel guilty for buying things at.

"I have money, I don't need to buy pants for a dollar... And yet..."

Then go buy yards and yards of elastic, borrow my grandmothers surger sewing machine and pump them out. I can't wait. Grandma will have to teach me how to thread that beast before I go.

Holy Dinah, I recently planned a date for 3 girls from work. (on VD) We did a bunch of stuff. Took some pictures in the train station, dinner at Casa Grande, dancing at my house to 'Girl Talk' (they hadn't heard it before and lost their shit!) And drank wines while watching old 16mm films. It was tight and Pseudo-romantic. I've been wondering if real dates should look like this. not all the time right?! But most of the time. Damnit anyway. These events are directly affected by your ownership of a car.
Car=mobility/ability to cart shit around
Bike=Sweat/contents of one backpack & pockets/shoes that are not 'nice'
That being said, I was told recently that my body is like a great giant BOOB. A sack of fat with a nipple. So I guess cycling isn't completely silly. Maybe I can slim down to an A cup.

I was feeling pressure to make a new post... By myself. I figure if you've got it flaunt it.

Nature makes only a few who are good.
Thinking of you.
'I want a verb and you give me a noun, What do you dream up when I tongue you down?'
I'm going to drink and energy drink. Sugar free.

Oh man, pictures of date and new thunderwear soon.
Also: I guess I need a name for the underwear co. eh? Any suggestions better than thunderwear?

wilf 'closing thoughts' belf

Friday, February 13, 2009

Let the light in slowly, I'm making a point.

Heave (ho)
kiev (wrong pronounciation)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

impromptu sesh. incl. time limit

Rip through that noose
Use things you grew'd
words spew idea juice
each few will produce,
images you can associate with a certain lifestyle you want to be apart of.

Friday, February 6, 2009

punk or pokemon?

Did anyone hear my cry in the middle of the floor?
God knows you saw it but the music was so louder than my stupid fucking shirt.
I suppose everyone gets a few in their lifetime.
But I wasn't quite ready for it, not right then anyway.
Maybe a bit later in the night.*
God I say maybe a lot. Only thing I'm (not even that) sure about is while I'm alive, I'll feel alive.
I know they're not my words. But hold it against me. Please... I have nothing to do right now. A healthy meaningless passive confrontation would be great right now. Somehting to pass the time.
Did you know Robin Black is an ultimate fighter now? Turns out black eyes are the new Black. It's cheaper than make-up. Yuo just need little shorts, fingerless gloves (you can make those for free) and an entrance song. power-pop-punk-rock or otherwise is fine... So that's nice for him.
That's genuinely not clever.
I've played chess many times, But I'm game if you are.
Thanks for the tips grandpa.

*the shirt or the cry?

The combed cotton
or the rage brought on
by a shoe stomped on
by a tripping teen, tripping just long enough to forget where he can walk on.

The dancing or the shotgun
of beers or of vodka
the bar mat slopped on
until thoughts burn holes large enough to lead you to the octogon (like robin black!)

Thursday, February 5, 2009


Do I look like a damn Taurus? Geez.
Read the predictions... I'm obviously an Aries.
Doesn't the description fit my personality to a 'T'?
My inquisitive nature pokes and cuts like cutlery.
Iambic pentametre is for the weak of knees.
And clever poets who shake spears with mad steez.