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Monday, July 27, 2009

awakw forever

Rather busy out on the road this morning. This morning being 330am... not only was the traffic much thicker than usual, but the foot traffic was high too! A pair of sneeks on wellington, one on foot, the other on sloowww bike. Then at the foot bridge at omand's creek there was a collection of boys on bmx bicycles. In fact they weren't on the bikes at all... 2 of the fellows were on the tracks painting I imagine. The other was smoking a cigarette. Bikes laying on their sides on the path.

"Sorry 'bout that man."
"No worries dude."

It was a relitively slow ride to work today. I laid in bed until 130 thinking about sleep, took some time to look at pictures of me and my naked legs on the internet. Ah dear. I'm of two minds... It did happenm but does it need to be on the net...? I'm thinking perhaps not. I wonder how many people went to sleep without removing their make-up...? I know I'm one. I awoke to a surprisingly clean pillow. Which is lucky, because I was super later'd at the end of the night. Burger and fries to go from johnny g's is proof enough. not the burger say, but the stumble inside followed by a comatose wait by the bar in a black robe and half sweated away makeup. Rats.

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