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Thursday, July 16, 2009

My word, Last night they were holding circular saws up to each others faces... oof

The only real injustice is the fact that I'm not famous yet
Granted I haven't been trying
I want to make the most of my time on the planet
Soon as your born you start dying.

I enjoy this phrase and I know that when I turn it
It's as banal as I am
I try to keep this out of mind when I make something silly
Simple is a science.

Goodness gracious. It's nice to be back at work. no, really. Not to say that I ever truly left. It's more that I wasn't getting any darn shifts. And it's been lean! Straight up and down lean. It's such a drag. For so many reasons... First and most prevalent in my mind on a daily basis is my lack of ability to do whatever I want all the time. You may be saying: "But Will, you stupid idiot, having loads of free time is exactly one needs to do whatever one would want. Sheesh. Get a real subject before you start typing, dummy." While you may be right (about the time and the typing) the other main ingredient in the recipe for 'doing stuff' is dough. Cash-dough.

You want to go for a bike ride in the park? Free. You want to fix your bike? not free. You want to hang out? free. You want to hangout with a lady? not free... ha? You want to see a secret film at aceart? free. Want to see a box office smash hit with your room-mates on a moment's notice? not free.

I don't have expensive tastes really, but even a stone cold is more than stone soup...

Another reason I'm glad to be back is the people watching! And not even casual spying. I'm interacting with all sorts all the time. It's fun, I get to see the everyman without having to trudge through the mall or introduce myself! We can have a pleasant exchange, make a little joke to an old man, send them on their way and get on to the next. Sometimes I'm very stand-offish to superbabes. in my imagination they: 1) have many things handed to them and 2) have every man try to make eyes at them. So I go in the opposite direction. ha. I know it's almost cruel to treat someone differently because of their appearance, but I think it's OK in this situation. Keep in mind I'm talking about what our genereation defines as a superbabe.

I'm more into the faux hippie, faux indie, faux fur, faux socialable type

Gotta go...
more later.

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